Vinsani floor rug 45 X 150 cm Liner - Coffee 0008851


MULTI-PURPOSE: The Magic Clean Step Mat is a super-absorbent doormat that keeps your floors clean and dry whether it's in the patio, laundry room, entryway, doorways, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, back doors, garage and even caravans. Suitable for all kinds of home styles, you will be able to find one that is just right for your home all year round.
HIGH QUALITY: Mat absorbs dirt and water quickly thanks to its unique design and it's made from 30% Fabric and 70% polyester, a 850 gsm of Cotton with 1500 gsm rubber backing
SUPER-ABSORBENT: Keeping your floors clean can be difficult, especially in rainy weather, and regular cloth, rubber mats can leave dirt and mud underneath your shoes that can get tracked into your home
NON-SLIP: With this non-slip absorbent doormat there is no need to wipe your feet, just step on the Clean Step Mat and the absorbent super fibres soak up the mud and water.
DESIGN: Thanks to its thin form, doors glide over it easily, making it an excellent floor mat.